Cameroon 750-850T/H Granite Crushing Line

On August 29, 2019, Vaste obtained 43 hectares of land use rights issued by the Ministry of Lands of Cameroon and a granite mine with a reserve of 95 million tons, which is located near Transatlantique.

Through active communication and consultation with the local people, and with the strong support of the Cameroonian government, the Vaste new mine will build a production line with an annual output of 5 million tons and equipped with all types of stone materials at the end of 2020 after completing the pre-clearing stage.

On October 26, 2020, AMC successfully delivered the first batch of a complete set of crushing and screening equipment worth 3.8 million US dollars

The entire project was ready for delivery in only 2 months. Relying on the company's rich international trade experience, the total export value of the main equipment plus auxiliary equipment and auxiliary materials of the production line of this project is 3.8 million US dollars, all completed by Meilan Taking this opportunity, the company will gain the trust and support of more customers with better quality and faster service and excellent product strength.

Project Overview:

Pre-production time: the end of February 2021

Project capacity: 5 million tons/year

Rock type: granite

Discharge specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm

Equipment configuration: a total of 22 sets of crushing and screening equipment (including bar feeder, vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, jaw crusher, medium and fine cone crusher)

First-level crushing:The rubble material is transported from the mining area, and evenly thrown into the MJ140 jaw crusher through the rod feeder MGD1560 for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed material enters the semi-finished product center warehouse through the belt conveyor.

Secondary crushing:The material is sent from the central warehouse of semi-finished products to the MC500Z cone crusher through the belt conveyor for secondary crushing, and sent to the primary screening through the belt conveyor (2 sets of 2MF2470 vibrating screens, upper sieve hole 31.5mm*31.5mm, lower layer 5mm*5mm ) Upper classification, the upper 31.5mm material enters the semi-finished product buffer storage, the bottom 0-5mm material is sent to the finished product ridge for stacking, the middle 5-31.5mm material is sent to the third screening (2 2MF2470 vibrating screens, the upper screen hole 20mm*20mm, the lower layer 10mm*10mm) is screened, and the screen is divided into 20-31.5mm, 10mm-20mm, 5mm-10mm finished product stacks.

Three-stage crushing:The material is sent from the semi-finished product buffer storehouse through the belt conveyor to the MC500X fine crushing cone crusher for three times of crushing, and the discharge enters the secondary screening of 2 2MF2470 vibrating screens (the upper sieve of the vibrating screen is 31.5mm*31.5mm, and the lower is 5mm*5mm). The materials above 31.5mm in the upper layer enter the semi-finished product buffer storage to form a closed loop, and the materials of 0-5mm in the bottom layer are sent to the finished ridge for stacking. The 5-31.5mm material in the middle layer is sent to the third screening (2 sets of 2MF2470 vibrating screens, the upper sieve aperture is 20mm*20mm, the lower layer is 10mm*10mm) for screening, and the sieving is divided into 20-31.5mm, 10mm-20mm, 5mm-10mm finished products Piled up.

Advantages of the production line:

1. The design of the plant area is standardized, with compact structure and easy site layout; the equipment is centralized and connected in parallel, which is convenient for maintenance;

2. Set up 4 ridges for finished products, with a large reserve of finished products;

3. The plant occupies a small area, which is convenient for the construction of green mines;

4. Equipped with automatic loading system to save labor and mechanical loss.

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