Shucheng 350T/H Tuff Gravel Production Line

At the end of 2020, Dongguan Feiwei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. plans to establish a high-quality tuff sand and gravel aggregate production line in the Hefei-Zongyang section of the Dezhou-Shangrao Expressway. After many discussions, the AMC design team rushed to the site to design a complete set for the customer. Production line, while guaranteeing to provide the best customer service before, during and after sale.

Case introduction:

As a partner of the Deshang Expressway-Hezong Section, Flyway provides high-quality fine aggregates for the project. After various investigations and comparisons in the early stage, AMC was finally selected as the supplier of crushing and screening equipment. In the early exchanges, the technical team of AMC rushed to the project site many times, and carefully designed a complete set of crushing and screening system processes based on customer needs and actual conditions on the site.

Project Overview

* Project name: 350T/H Tuff Gravel Production Line

* Project address: Hezong Section of Deshang Expressway

* Rock type: Tuff

* Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder ZWS1150, new high-efficiency jaw crusher MJ100, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher MC500X-220, double-layer vibrating screen 2MF2470, three-layer vibrating screen 3MF2470, silo feeder MGB1422, vertical shaft impact Break ML8400, a total of 8 sets of equipment

* Production capacity: 350 tons/hour

* Product specifications: 0-5mm (exquisite), 5-10mm (exquisite), 10-20mm (exquisite), 20-31.5mm (exquisite)

1. Reasonable layout to meet the needs of site planning:The technical team of AMC conducts detailed surveys on the customer's site, and conducts reasonable planning and layout in the space reserved by the customer, which perfectly solves the customer's site planning needs.

2. On-time delivery facilitates rapid production and profitability:In accordance with the customer's requirements for the production schedule, after signing the contract, AMC formulates detailed production plans, delivery plans, and engineers dispatched installation and commissioning plans to ensure that the entire process is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, and under the premise of ensuring product quality, Let customers put into production as soon as possible.

3. Improve the quality of equipment to reduce costs and increase efficiency:The MF series vibrating screen used in this project is a new fixed-shaft circular vibrating screen developed by AMC with a new design concept, innovative thinking-oriented, and independent research and development; its characteristics are: high-strength frame beam and screen box plate The riveting combination ensures safe operation; the bottom steel beam and the screen box are connected in a special way to facilitate the overall transportation and construction of the vibrating screen. The high-quality alloy forged main shaft is fixed on the base, using eccentric vibration, the amplitude is constant, and the vibration is stable. Compared with the traditional circular vibrating screen, the same screen surface can increase the output by 40%-75%. At the same time, the special screen surface design uses fewer bolts for screen installation, which increases the speed of screen replacement, increases the passing rate, and improves the screening efficiency. The new high-efficiency jaw crusher MJ100 used adopts a modular and non-welded structure frame to avoid welding stress concentration problems, improve the equipment’s ability to withstand impact loads, and enhance the machine’s durability and stability; unique deep v Cavity design, the processing capacity is more than 50% higher than that of the traditional jaw crusher; the integral bearing box structure is adopted to ensure complete coordination with the frame, avoiding additional load on the bearing box, and the bearing life is longer and more reliable; using hydraulic wedge Block-type discharge opening adjustment mechanism, stepless adjustment of the discharge opening size, making the adjustment of the discharge opening simple, safe, fast and save labor.

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher MC500X-220 has a dual-support structure of the main shaft, which enables the main shaft to withstand greater crushing force, and the moving cone has a small eccentric angle and better stability. Using intelligent hydraulic control system, it is easy to adjust the discharge port and provide more reliable overload protection. It is packed with feed material to realize lamination and crushing, with good grain shape, low energy consumption and greater processing capacity. At the same time, the crushing cavity type, eccentricity, horizontal axis speed, and different control methods can be changed to adapt to any specific production requirements. Installation, use and maintenance are simple; especially the non-filled backing design allows quick replacement of the liner, reduces downtime, greatly improves production efficiency, and achieves cost reduction and efficiency increase.

The entire production line is equipped with a PLC intelligent central control system, which has a high degree of automation, saves labor costs and is simple and quick to operate.

AMC will continue to manufacture high-performance, high-quality, and high-reliability products at the international level, to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions, and escort green production. At the same time, they will go hand in hand with customers for common development. Thanks to Flyway for its trust in AMC, the delivery of the equipment is only the starting point, and the service will never end. I wish the project a smooth and effective operation as soon as possible.

Production line advantages

1. The design of the plant area is standardized, with compact structure and easy site layout; the equipment is centralized and connected in parallel, which is convenient for maintenance;

2. Fully automatic control room, equipment operation does not require on-site operation by workers, and equipment can be adjusted remotely;

3. The plant occupies a small area, which is convenient for green mine construction

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